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Brian and I met in early 2003. We were married August 6 2011 and we are expecting a baby boy named Macoy in October 2013. Life without love like ours just wouldn't be worth it!

Monday, September 6, 2010

"Will You Marry Me?"

"Of Course!" that's what I said after crying for a solid minute when he asked me. I was so surprised. Seriously. He did it! He managed to side swipe me with it. No hints. Nothing. I always thought I would know days before he would ask because I told myself that he will be nervous and secretive and drop silly hints. Not to mention I figured I would know the moment he said something silly like "Let's go on an air baloon ride" or something equally random and outrageous. That was until last Friday (Yes...we kept it a secret for a few days so that we could tell family in person this weekend instead of over the phone.)

It was a normal week and normal day at work. I came home and as I walked up to the door I noticed a rose attached. As I got closer I saw that there was a custom note behind it. "Have I ever told you that I will ALWAYS love you?" (I thought: How sweet a little love gesture after a long week!) That was until I opened the door and saw dozens of roses and rose petals throughout the house. White rose petals led me to the first arrow made of roses, Beneath each arrow made of roses another note...after a dosen rose arrows and vow type love notes/letters, i reached the last arrow which pointed at the bedroom door. The rose on the door held the last card that said "Because I will."

I opened the door. Brian was standing there all dressed up and spent a few minutes proffesing the reasons he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me..
then he did it!!!!! Bent down on one knee, and opened the ring box. "Kailen Lee Hogan, Will You Marry Me?"

Of course I said Yes! I was so excited I reached out and tried to snatch the ring out of the box (standard for me) so he swatted my hand (standard for him) and explained that I need to be patient while he places it on my finger. Bahahahahaa. Can't tell you how suprised I was. Can't even explain how much I love him.

Let the planning commence!!!!


  1. Oh congratulations Kailen!! I'm so excited for you guys! Your wedding will be beautiful and perfect and amazing (because YOU are planning it :D)! Good luck with everything!!

  2. oh yay! congrats! i am so happy for you! :) :)