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Brian and I met in early 2003. We were married August 6 2011 and we are expecting a baby boy named Macoy in October 2013. Life without love like ours just wouldn't be worth it!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

And...he has a name! Macoy Archer Campbell

First off... I know I haven't posted since before Brian and I got married. But, with a baby on the way - I figured it's a great time to pick it back up and start documenting some things in a little more detail. In all honesty, Instagram and Facebook holds all the great photos but this blog might give me a chance to do more storytelling with words so I can look back and remember the details. Everyone (including the ladies in my yoga class) have asked about the details of how we came up with the name for our sweet baby boy who is expected to make his arrival in late October. Let me first say that I am so excited about his name! We decided on it when I was about 23 weeks pregnant but kept it completely secret until I was about 8 months pregnant so that we could announce it by playing a baby name guessing game at my baby showers (one in Utah, one in AZ). Announcing it, after giving about 13 clues to the baby showers guests, was SO much fun and I'm so glad we made a big deal out of it versus just doing a quick Facebook post or something like that. Early on in the pregnancy, Brian said something like "this is a little odd, but I can just see me calling him by a nickname like "mac". I remember thinking that was way random and we spent the next few weeks/months working through about 25 other great names. For the most part, we agreed on names but we just didn't fall in love with any of the ones we were considering (Huxley, Easton) and the ones we liked best were really popular (Hudson, Ryder, Mason) and we didn't want our son to have 3 friends with the same name in school so we squashed those asap. The remainder were just a little too flavorful (Bear, Trigg)! So, we moved on. I pulled out the baby name books one night while cooking dinner together and I reminded Brian that he had said he liked Mac. I told him that I just wanted something a bit unique and that didn't seem to do the trick. But, I told him that I LOVED that "Mac" means "Son" and we could go with an "M" first name and an "A" middle name so that with our "C" last name, his initials would spell MAC and he could call him that! He agreed and we dug into the "M" names! We went from Max to Maxwell to Macks to Mack and then it hit us during a verbal ping pong brainstorm session… Macoy! Starts with "Mac" for Brian and has the uniqueness for me! So, we looked it up but it wasn't in the baby name book. McCoy (the last name) and a few other spelling like Makoi were there though. I told Brian we could put something up in his nautical nursery that says "Ahoy Macoy" and we were both sold. Done deal. Macoy Archer Campbell. Love it! So so so excited to meet this little man.

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  1. well it about time you started blogging again! I was hoping you would with the baby coming and living so far away.