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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kailen's 22nd B-day Blast!

We celebrated my 22nd Birthday last night. It is hard to believe that I am 22 already. The last few years have just flown by...in a good way. I knew last night was going to be fun...but I had no idea what I was in store for. I am seriously the luckiest girl on the planet. I have the most amazing friends that would do anything for me and the best guy on planet earth. I figured last night would be a blast, but I thought it was going to be hard to beat my 21st birthday that we spent with our closest friends in Vegas. But...I was wrong. This b-day was just as good as the last. Dinner for 15 at my favorite restaraunt, complete with saki started the whole thing off. Then, we had a power hour at my girlfriends house and spent the rest of the night on Mill St. in Tempe. We took way too many pictures and had way too many drinks. But that's what being young is all about. Isn't it? Enjoyig it and living it up while we can with the ones we love. There are a ton of pictures on my facebook...but here are a few of my favorite ones.

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