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Friday, March 7, 2014

Being Macoy's Mommy: Month 4


You are 4 months old now!

You are 19.5 pounds (95%), 28.8 tall (30%) and have a 17 inch head (90%)! You're wearing 6-9 month clothes and you are growing like a weed. You are surprisingly strong and can stand up for quite a while with very little help. You recognize us now and light up in a special, just for us, kind of way when we are near. You have learned to belly laugh (my absolute favorite!), blow spit bubbles and make facial expressions well beyond your years...well months. You actually enjoy tummy time now and hold your head up without any trouble. You aren't really interested in the pacifier any longer and you don't suck your thumb which makes me very happy. You are a great sleeper and only wake up once at night for a little snack and you go right to bed after you've had your fix. Of course, I'm hoping we get back to the whole sleeping through the night thing but for now, I'm going to enjoy those few minutes every night that I have you all to myself.

You fill our home with something very special that we never really understood was missing. And now that we have it, we know that life would be empty without it...without you. You amaze me every day and I feel so blessed to call you mine.

Love, Mommy.

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  1. He's such a sweetheart. But then, you're his mommy! :)