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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rock Climbing for Two!

If y'all have not tried this yet- yopu have too! It is something B & I both have always wanted to do. So we did it...and it was a blast. It is a hard core work out. You have to bring water and you MUST go with someone you trust with your life-because the person below you is literally your lifeline if you fall. They hold the ropes and keep it tight so you can climb safely. We had to watch a 20 minute video before we went into the gym because we had to learn how toi tie all of the knots, use the equitment and hold the ropes correctly if your partner slips and falls. There is actually alot that goes into it. You have to be really aware of the climber when you are on the ground. The hardest part is the climbing though. It looks easy--BUT IT IS NOT. Reaching the top of the wall seems like an impossible task when you start but b4 you know it you are there. I just took it one step at a time. By the end of the day Brian and I were like little monkeys, climbing up like pro's! The scariest part is coming down....you are at the very top and have to put your feet flat against the wall and LET GO!!! That's where "trusting the person below you" comes in. It is their job to let you down at an easy pace and keep you from swinging and smacking into the wall. There was a few other fun things to do there like walk the tight rope to practice your balance-that was so much harder than it looks. I couln't believe it...we were there for over four hours!

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