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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not Too Shabby for Our First House!

I took a crap load of pictures of our house before Christmas so that we could take some home and show em' to my aunts and uncles...here are a few that I took the week before Christmas!

The house is huge, it's 3 bedrooms 2 bath with a 2 car garage! The master bedroom is enourmous...we have a huge bed, 2 couches, a coffee table, a fridge and a big computer desk in our room!

My favorite part of the house is the kitchen...it has a center island in it and it's right next to the living room...so it's easy to entertain and chat while I cook.

Brian's fave part is probably the backyard...it's huge. We are saving up to get a pool in there by 2012! Come visit us...there is a ton of space for visiters!

Our casa with the lights Brian put up. He says he wants it to look like the Clark Griswalds house in that one movie called Christmas Vacation next year! Can't wait.
Our Tree! Pretty good for our first tree ever together! My mom gave us a few decorations...in fact she gave us the tree itself! She had three...so she figured she could part with at least one! ; )

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  1. your house is very nice we cant wait to see it. the lights look great but they are not as good as his brother does ha ha just kidding.