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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Handyman Extraordinaire!

Um...wow. I'm not sure what's got into Brian but he has been a handyman gangsta for the last three days. He's completed about 40 projects and I must say it's kinda exciting! Granted, he's been working on the "honey-do" list it took me 4 months to create so he's been working until midnight each night...so i'm not seeing too much of him! : (

Today he built a huge shelving unit(floor to seeling) in the garage! P.S- wood at home depot aint cheep people! But it gave him a chance to use a ton of the tools he got for christmas.

Me, i'v been working, cooking and cleaning. Standard. I actually have been writin' a story for this Cheerleading magazine about this amazing squad who does all this community service. Makes me wanna get more involved...ya know?!

Also, I got a raise today at work...I was totally excited when she sent me the email. No dramatic change... these days every little bit helps. Speaking of work, Brian starts working for Precision Media Systems or PMS as I like to call it...on Monday. He's had a fab 2 months off since the fire season ended...but the fun is over. Time to bring home the bacon again...LOL!

Classes start up for me on the 20th...not looking foward to it so much.

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