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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

VACATION...It's a Beautiful Thing.

We got to St. George safely on saturday December 20th and spent a few relaxing days in town. Last minute Christmas shopping n' all! The only odd part of being home is being apart from eachother. Brian stays at his parents house, and me with my mom in Ivins. It is so wierd to sleep without him. P.S-we didn't stop to gamble in Mesquite! I know, restraint is a beautiful thing.

Since my sisters and I were leaving town early Christmas morning to fly to California, we opened presents with my mom and celebrated on Christmas eve. I must note...It snowed Christmas eve, which is big news because Brian can't remember it ever snowing on Christmas in St. George!

Christmas morning came and we flew from Las Vegas to Coronado California to spend a few days with my grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins. Brian and Tanner(my little sister's boo) flew in that night. I can't even begin to explain what a blast we had! My family rented the house down the street for us to stay in...it was incredible! The trip was jam packed with family and fun. We spent a day shopping at the bay and ate at my fave greek joint. There is a irish/scottish shop at the bay that Brian and I always spend at least an hour in. We spent our last day there riding beach cruiser bikes all over the island. We rode allong the beach and visited the Christmas tree at the Hotel Dell Coronado! (We took pictures at every stop allong the way.)

We just got back into town, and we are gearing up for the New Years Eve festivities. So far the plan is to set off a grand fireworks display at Brians parents house. My mom and sisters were under the impression it was illegal to do so... needless to say they are pretty excited for Brian's light show tomorow night.

I must say it is realllly nice to have this long break to unwind from the daily grind. Brian and I have lost ourselves in dinner out and movies, things we usually never have time for! We are gonna catch marely and me if we can this week, we hear it is to die for! Wish life was like Christmas vacations, dont you?!

All is well, aside from Brian's brother Eric having to get surgery on his hands for carp tun and my mom having to replace the water softener today for a meer $2,000! Anyway...we know we are lucky and very blessed this holiday season, and we wish the best for all those less fortunate.

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